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Enter the wonderful world of Hollow

Chronicles of Wydoria Series

Goblin Quest cover
Book 1: Goblin Quest

When Daphne left home that morning, she did not know her world would change forever. No idea how dangerous it would become.

Book 2: Hounds of Magic

An elf comes seeking Daphne’s help. But with the Consistorium’s hounds after her, it takes all Daphne has to stay one step ahead. Coming soon.

Hollow Series

A humorous fantasy series set in a quirky, magical hollow world

Flight of the Gazebo cover
Book 1: Flight of the Gazebo

Kidnap, murder, duels and pirates in a quirky hollow world.

Dangerous Ideals cover
Book 2: Dangerous Ideals

Danger, pursuit, betrayal. The adventure continues.

A Taste of Steel cover
Book 3: A Taste of Steel

More conflict, escapades and capers. Greed is so motivational.

The Persistence of Poison cover
Prequel: The Persistence of Poison

Witchcraft, portals, death and power. Vester’s early years.

Kent Silverhill
Kent Silverhill

Author of the Hollow Fantasy series and the Chronicles of Wydoria series. Magic and mayhem abound!