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How well do you get on with your neighbours?

I like to think of my computer, my phone or other gadgets as neighbours rather than tools. It’s not that I don’t have neighbours in the more conventional sense, but that I can’t help anthropomorphising them. (I’ve just stopped to think: how far away from where you live do people stop being neighbours? Does it depend on how densely populated the area is in which you live? I could Google it, but it’s more fun to discuss things, so chip in!)

Getting back to my opening sentence, what I mean is: neighbours are people you (hopefully) get on with most of the time, but occasionally get annoyed with when they do something like park in your driveway or leave a pile of rubbish outside their house for the council to pick up, but which ends up strewn across your front lawn because it’s a windy day.

In those circumstances, you either get passive-aggressive and make pointed comments to the cat when your errant neighbour is within earshot, or you confront them directly. (Incidentally, you’ll notice I didn’t say “my cat”. One of my favourite quotes is “Dogs have owners. Cats have staff.”).

The way I approach my computer or phone when it misbehaves is much the same. I either yell at the offending device, or say things like “This thing’s getting old. It’s about time I upgraded.” in the hope that that will encourage it to bend to my will.

So far I have to admit my tactics haven’t been terribly successful, but it usually makes me feel better.

I should make it clear I’m not a Luddite. When technology works well, I’m perfectly happy.

Sales of my book Daphne Mayne and the Goblin Quest have been going well.

If you’ve read it – or even if you haven’t – you’ll enjoy casting your eye over the beautiful companion jewelry that’s available online.

I’m up to my ears in writing the next book in the series, The Hounds of Magic, which I aim to publish in June.

Hold on to your hat!

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