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As far back as I can remember, I’ve enjoyed making up stories. I have a memory from when I was still in nappies of laying in my cot, unable to sleep, and engrossed in a daydream about encountering a witch.

In that particular episode, I first saw the witch through broken glass, which when I come to think of it is an odd thing for a toddler. Perhaps I’d seen a broken window when I was out and about with my mother? It must have made quite an impression on my young mind because I remember it well even now.

When I started school and learned to read I loved drifting off into my own little worlds – often during lessons – where I had adventures with characters from books, comics, TV or films, or with characters and situations I made up. The teachers didn’t seem to notice, probably because I developed a habit of losing myself in my imagination while keeping my eyes on them as they taught the class.

I also loved drawing but would often be disappointed because my teachers never wanted me to draw dragons, wizards, unicorns, knights in armour and all those other wonderful things I read about or saw in illustrations or films.

“Draw a picture of your house,” they would say.

But when I added a gnarled old apple tree, complete with a witch picking the fruit, they would say, “Don’t be silly. You don’t have a witch in your garden. Draw a cat instead.”

I was mystified. I didn’t have a cat either.

Adults, eh?

Now that I’m all grown up (or pretending to be) I can indulge my imagination and write and draw what I like! Even witches picking apples.

What I’m working on

I’m excited to announce I’ve published the print version of Daphne Mayne and the Goblin Quest.


You can buy a paperback copy from one of these stores:
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If you enjoyed Goblin Quest and are keen to know what happens next, you’ll be pleased to learn I’m on track with the next book, The Hounds of Magic, which I plan to publish in June.

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